Painting Restoration

Oil painting restoration varnish removal process

Oil painting from 1903 with discoloredvarnish removal before, during, & after.

Barbizon school oil painting signed "E. Cuisinier" c. 1850s during removal of discolored varnish.

Oil painting on canvas, signed Skilling c. 1920; painting restoration process


Oil painting on canvas c. 1920s, signed Skilling.

Before Conservation

Linoxyn build up of linseed oil-rich oxidized varnish, varnish flaking & cracking off of paint composition surface, discolored paint  pigments, uneven varnish sheen.

After Conservation

Linoxyn removal, varnish removal, addition of new varnish.


Acrylic painting on canvas of Native American hunting scene, painted & signed by Marchand of the Colville, Washington Indian tribe.

Before Restoration

Canvas has been torn in two areas

During Restoration

Canvas tears realigned, patched, & filled.

After Restoration

Close up of in-painting, newly added varnish.  

Acrylic painting of Native American hunting scene, signed Marchand; painting restoration process
Oval painting landscape c. 1880s; oil painting restoration process


Oval oil painting on canvas c. 1880s, unsigned.

Before Conservation

Surface dirt, discolored varnish, loss of canvas tension.

During Conservation

Spot cleaning in the sky.

After Conservation

Regained canvas tension, full cleaning & varnish removal, newly added varnish, secured into original frame.


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