Paper Art Restoration

Original "From The Earth To The Moon" by Jules Vern book copyright printed 1874 with concertina binding, gold leaf edges, marbled paper, embossed gold designs, letter typesetting, & engraving illustrations. Before & after restoration.

German etching print on paper; restoration process


German etching on paper by Fritz Ulrich c. 1925, titled "Humanity Without Justice (Menschheit Ohne Gerechtigkeit)".

Before Restoration

Acidic mat burns, discolored paper.

After Restoration

Aqueous cleaning & deacidification of paper.

Kathe Kollwitz etching self portrait on paper restoration

 Kathe Kollwitz self portrait etching engraved print on paper from Germany c. 1930s.

Before Restoration

Acidic mat burns, surface dirt, tape adhesive & adhesive residue, folded & creased paper, framing instruction pen marks.

After Restoration

Tape removal, aqueous cleaning & deacidification, unfolded creased paper, flattened paper.

Japanese woodblock print restoration

 Japanese woodblock print on paper of women's bath house c. 1900, unsigned.

Before Restoration

Foxing spots, acidic mat burns, discolored paper, mounted to acidic board, tape mounting residue. 

After Restoration

Demounted from acidic board, tape residue removal, aqueous cleaning & deacidification.

Woodblock print restoration


Woodblock print "The Wave & The Cliff" signed by Roderick Mead c.1938. 

Before Restoration 

Mounting tape residue, acidic paper, foxing spots in paper.

After Restoration 

Tape removal, aqueous cleaning & deacidification


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